LampJack – Illuminate with socket (2008)

LampJack by Philipp_WandLampJack Plugged by Philipp Wand

Our modern world seems to be more dependent on electricity than ever before. And yet despite or maybe because of increased volumes in cordless electrical devices, we seem to need more and more mains power sockets.

Unfortunately power sockets tend to have the mystical ability of hiding behind a piece of furniture.
As a result multiple sockets can be found in almost every home, even though they lack visual appeal.

LampJack makes electricity accessible where it has been in our workspaces for decades – i.e. in our lamps. Lamps are usually located where we need them to provide light, so they are often located right where we are working or doing something – the perfect power supply spot.
When using LampJack, the lamp’s primary function (illuminating the surroundings) remains unaffected, whilst a secondary function has been added.
Unlike multiple sockets LampJack is hardly visible and does not occupy any additional space.

The beauty of it lies in the fact that LampJack is not designed for a specific lamp – a wide range of lamps from floor lamps, pendant lamps to desk lamps can be equipped with a power socket by simply applying the new light bulb.

Since energy-saving lamps have an extended lifespan and last several years, the integration of an additional function seems justified on both pricing and environmental grounds.

LampJack PlugTypes by Philipp_WandLampJack with shaver by Philipp WandLampJack Plugged Mixer by Philipp WandLampJack Plugged Hairdryer by Philipp Wand
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