Eclipse (2010)

Eclipse at Light&Building - by Philipp Wand

Eclipse - LED - Light by Philipp_Wand

The “Eclipse” desk lamp differs from other lamps that illuminate a desk. It reveals light in its physical form by deflecting it and redirecting its optical path.

An illuminant that is not usually incorporated into the lamp head differentiates “Eclipse” from most desk lamps currently available in the market.
A reflector that hovers above the illuminant and is hinged about two axes plays the key role of giving the light a direction.

Light that does not hit the reflector depicts an eclipse while illuminating the background.
When switched “off” Eclipse is a delicate sculpture.
When turned on it is a celebration of all forms of light. Indiscernible light is manifested in its optical path (spotlight / reflector / the display of light on a surface) and its counterpart is the shadow on the ceiling, which gave the lamp its name.

Eclipse has won the German Design Council’s “Design Plus powered by Light+Building” award in the Newcomers category.

Eclipse - LED-Light by Philipp WandEclipse - LED-Light 7-Positions by Philipp WandEclipse - LED- Light - by Philipp Wand - MeasurementsEclipse - LED-Light by Philipp_Wand -  Reflector

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