Kleiner Schwarzer (2009)

kleiner schwarzer by Philipp Wand This concept of a fully-automated coffeemaker was part of a project for the magazine “How to spend it” of Financial Times Germany.

‘Kleiner Schwarzer’ (which can be translated into English as “little black number”) serves as a projection surface:
It can be seen as a simple provocation as well as a critical examination of the face- and characterless coffeemakers that dominate the marketplace. It also portrays some of the clichés associated with the world of coffee. Operating ‘Kleiner Schwarzer’ can also be regarded as making a statement. Just like most automated coffeemakers it needs to be operated. The German word for operation “Bedienen” also means to serve/wait on, which seems to apply to way too many machines – and especially to coffeemakers. Operation of Kleiner Schwarzer is simple, mono-functional and self-explanatory however. This fully-automated coffeemaker concept was part of a project for Financial Times Deutschland’s “How to spend it” magazine.

kleiner schwarzer in use by Philipp Wand
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