Balloonlamp (2007)

BalloonLamp by Philipp WandBalloonLamp parts by Philipp WandBalloonLamp Closeup by Philipp_WandBalloonLamp blue by Philipp_Wand

The Balloon Lamp is a very simple readymade, which fascinates people despite or maybe because of its simple design.

The balloon functions as a lampshade; it refracts, tempers and colours the light.

The illuminant serves two purposes – it functions as a light emitter and seals the balloon at the same time.

The illuminant is located in an E14-socket that is attached on a pole, which mimics the form of a classic balloon pole, as you would see at fun fairs etc.

The pole can be either placed in a simple base plate or in the ground, if ground conditions are suitable.

This is how a Balloon Lamp is assembled:

Balloonlamp - How to by Philipp Wand

How To built a Balloonlamp

  1. Pull a balloon over an E14 Illuminant (25W) or an E14 energy-saving lamp. (This is the tricky part)
  2. Make sure the socket area of the illuminant faces the balloon aperture.
  3. Inflate the balloon carefully. Hold the socket area of the illuminant with 2 fingers still covered by the balloon’s exterior.
  4. Pull the balloon aperture back to the neck of the illuminant.
  5. Screw the illuminant into a socket.
  6. Done