cordless Mp3-Headphones (2005)

Mp3-Headphones - design by Philipp Wand

mp3 - Headphones

Mp3-Headphones - how to use - design by Philipp Wand

User - Interface

Mp3-Headphones different viewpoints - design by Philipp Wand


MP3-players seem to be incorporated in all kinds of products, e.g. teddy bears, jackets, mobile phones, watches etc. On the other hand one obvious application never appeared on the market.
An MP3-player itself is useless, since a speaker is needed to transform the audio signal into audible sound, otherwise no one will be able to hear whatever music the player contains.

There are many different designs of such headphones on the market, but most of them need a cable, to connect to the MP3-player: Even if Apple has managed to turn its iPod cables into advertising icons, these cables are still not appealing.
Wireless headphones in combination with portable players are however uncommon because they use extra battery life and the player needs to be attached to a transmitter.
So why not incorporate the MP3-player into the headphones, if miniaturization makes it possible?

The tricky part about incorporating an MP3-player into headphones is operating it. The challenge is to design a user interface that can be operated “blindfold”, when the headphones are in use.

The operating concept of the MP3-Headphones consists of two big rotating brackets that can be turned and pushed in a number of ways to navigate through the MP3-player’s content.

An audio-response capability substitutes for the visual interface, when navigation information or names of single tracks are required.
An exchangeable memory card keeps an old and well-loved habit alive – sharing and recording special mix tapes, or to be precise mix-SDs with friends.