LightPlugs (2007)

LightPlugs by Philipp WandLightPlugs - single by Philipp_WandLightPlugs - with Bulb by Philipp_Wand
Nowadays our homes are just packed with electric sockets. Nonetheless the two most common forms of electric connection are historically not compatible.
So way too often the required type of power socket is not available, whilst electricity is readily on tap.

With LightPlug and PlugLight every socket becomes a jack and vice versa.

By combining them you get a universal power source where only mono-functional electric connections are provided.

This project is intended above all to get people to question the status quo – why are we so set in our ways as regards the look of modern residential and office space, and why do we not question the “how-to” blueprints given to us by designers and architects.
LightPlugs - single by Philipp_WandLightPlugs and LampJack by Philipp_Wand LightPlugs - "Soldering-lamp" by Philipp Wand